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April 6, 2008


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The archipelago of Azores lie in the Palearctic ecozone, forming a unique biome the macaronesian subtropical laurissilva, with many endemic species of plants. The uniqueness of the islands gives them a very distinctive aspect.

The nine islands have a total area of 2,346 km² (906 sq mi). Their individual areas vary between São Miguel’s 759 km² (293 sq mi) and Corvo’s 17 km² (7 sq mi). Three islands (São Miguel, Pico and Terceira) are bigger in size than Malta (composed of three different islands), São Miguel Island alone being twice as big.

The nine islands are divided into three groups:

* The Eastern Group (Grupo Oriental) of São Miguel, Santa Maria and Formigas Islets
* The Central Group (Grupo Central) of Terceira, Graciosa, São Jorge, Pico and Faial
* The Western Group (Grupo Ocidental) of Flores and Corvo.
Picture of Seven Cities Lake “Lagoa das sete cidades” by: MJorge


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